What do we believe?

What do we believe? directly to 'that of God' in everyone and have respect for all God's creation. That spirit is accessible to us today.

Secondly, we are more concerned with the truth behind the words than with formal statements of belief. For this reason Quakers, ever since the 17th century, have rejected creeds and outward sacraments, as well as a hierarchical church based on an ordained priesthood.

In these beliefs Quakers have, ever since 1652, established a well-thought-out organisation with the minimum of structure. They are well-known for their contribution to international peace and understanding and for their social work.  They have been pioneers in education and penal reform.

None of us would claim that we have all the answers or that we don't often fail. We do claim that our continual search for that of God both in ourselves and in others gives a meaning and purpose to life.