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April 2019

Railway Children


The charity Railway Children works in India, East Africa and in the UK too.

Thousands of children arrive at India’s vast, chaotic railway stations They are running away from abuse, violence and poverty and use India's extensive railway network to get to the cities, where they hope to find a better life. They then find themselves lost, alone and scared, with no idea where to go or what to do. Their dreams brutally shattered, they end up living on the platforms.

For example, Rajni was abandoned by her parents at a railway station in India because they were so poor, they couldn’t care for her anymore. 8-year-old Rajni spent 2 nights at the station alone – she totally lacked the basic skills to look after herself in this harsh dangerous environment.

In India they have created five Child Friendly Stations. They do this through outreach work.They teach station– staff, vendors, the Railway Protection Force, and the police – how to identify and help children who are alone and at risk.  The children are referred to Child Safety Booths and from there they can be taken to drop-in centres where they receive food, clothing and medical assistance. To enable one child to be found, given medical care and clean clothes and a meal and bed for one-night costs £23.73. The Railway Children Charity workers can then determine the best long-term solutionfor a child such as full-time care. In some circumstances if it’s appropriate and safe the children can be helped to return home.

Railway Children wants to expand their work in India by increasing the number of Child Friendly stations

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This is a registered charity and so Friends can give through a CAF voucher.