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June 2019

Anti Slavery International

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The charity for May is Anti Slavery International
David Baker spoke to this. Anti-Slavery International is an international non-
governmental organization, registered charity and a lobby group, based in the
United Kingdom. Founded in 1839, it is the world's oldest international human rights
organization. It works exclusively against slavery and related abuses. It is currently
celebrating 180 years of activity.

In our Meeting house grounds; under the plane tree is buried Jane Fresher who was
a Quaker. She died in childbirth in 1786 at 28 years of age. Sadly followed by her
son and husband. She inherited slaves located in Jamaica from her mother. She
was very disturbed about “owning” slaves so campaigned to set them free. Any
early example of anti-slavery work by Quakers.


More about them...

Their approach to ending slavery

Their work to end slavery is defined in their theory of change and envisages

working at both the structural level and the grassroots level to change policy

and practice, to foster behavioural change and create new social norms to

enable abused and exploited people to claim their human rights.

Over the last financial 2017-18 year they worked to strengthen 17 overseas

anti-slavery partners to directly engage and support 77,388 people from

marginalised and disadvantaged groups across 19 projects in 14 countries

to understand, assert and claim their rights.

They use the following approaches:

  • Enabling people to leave slavery – through exemplar frontline

projects with local partners, reaching out to people most vulnerable

to slavery and exploitation. For example, their local partner in India

operates a 24 hotline to allow people to call and ask for help. Legal

cases are filed and with the authorities, people in bondage from kilns

are rescued.


  • Helping victims of slavery – with frontline work ensuring they access

the psychological and legal support they need to recover and obtain

justice and compensation.  For example, in Mauritania, alongside their

local partner they help people escape from slavery and rebuild their

lives as free people by providing financial support, shelter and

vocational training, as well as filing cases in courts.


  • Supporting the empowerment of people to be better protected from

slavery – again working at grass roots level, to help communities

demand respect for their human rights and tackle the root causes

of slavery through access to education and the elimination of

caste and gender inequality. For example, they founded six

communities of former slaves in Niger, providing free education

to their children.


Their experience at community level informs and shapes their work to influence decision-makers and inspire change on a global level. They identify the ways to end the abuses by research and analysis deriving from their grass roots work. They inform, influence and inspire change through:


  • Advocating and lobbying within countries for legislation, policy

and practice to end and prevent slavery. For example, they

pressed the government of Senegal to commit to end forced

child begging and reform the country’s religious schools.


  • International policy work and campaigning – lobbying and

holding to account international institutions such as the United

Nations, the European Union, the African Union and the

International Labour Organisation, as well as businesses

and other organisations. For example, they were the first to

identify slavery as a priority development issue and call to

include the eradication of slavery to be made a post-2015

Sustainable Development Goal.


  • Collecting information and publishing reports about these

human rights abuses, bringing them to the attention of the

public and promoting public action to end them through

media work and supporter campaigns. For example, they

uncovered the issue of migrant forced labour in the Middle East

and initiated the Guardian’s investigation into

slavery abuses in Qatar in the run up to the FIFA World Cup.



This is a registered charity and so Friends can give through a CAF voucher.