Monthly Charity


September 2019

An appeal by United Nations High
Commissioner for Refugees -for the people of Yemen


Yemen is experiencing a humanitarian catastrophe. Four years of brutal conflict in
Yemen has left millions of people without a home and on the brink of starvation.
Some have resorted to eating leaves just to stay alive.
Unless urgent action is taken, more lives will be lost. Millions of families do not have
the money they need to buy enough food to survive.
Please help UNHCR get life-saving aid on the ground before it is too late.
Your gift will help displaced families buy food, as well as receive life-saving medical
treatment, clean water, safe shelter and essential items like sleeping mats and blankets.
UNHCR is one of the few humanitarian aid agencies in Yemen, helping families
forced to flee their homes and struggling to survive.
They are doing everything that they can, but the scale of the need is so great that
they simply can’t reach everyone who needs them. They and the Yemeni people
desperately need our support.



This is a registered charity and so Friends can give through a CAF voucher.