Monthly Charity

August 2017

 Friends’ House Moscow

Appeal from Bill Chadkirk,

Trustee of Friends House Moscow


Between 1914-23 Quaker activity sought to relieve famine in the country. However, relations ended in 1931 with the coming of Stalin.

From 1951 Quakers were again involved in bridge building during the Cold War. There has been a resident Quaker presence in Moscow since 1991.

There are 2 Quaker Meetings in Moscow with others scattered around the country. Friends’ House Moscow is involved in supporting these Meetings, publishing Quaker works in Russian, trying to build a civil society, providing legal advice – for example to those involuntarily conscripted in the armed forces-, supporting refugees, orphans and other disadvantaged groups.

Bill hopes we will support Quaker work in Russia through Friends House Moscow as they do not receive any funding directly from Quakers.