Quakers Sharing Experience

Quakers Sharing Experience

30th November 2018 - 9am until lunch at 2pm

Geoffrey Durham and Lea Cowin 

This session  forms part of our 'More About Friends' series.
The essence of Quakers Sharing Experience is very simple. Participants are encouraged to talk to one another about their lives and life experiences - spiritual, religious or secular - for a maximum of five minutes at a time. Nothing is sprung on them - they are given time to think and prepare what they might say - and the topics are carefully chosen, so that each one can be addressed lightly, casually, or at a much deeper level. No one is actively encouraged to go deep, but it frequently happens that, as the sessions progress, people find they are talking about quite profound experiences in their lives. The groups change constantly, so they never become too familiar or stale. The sessions always end with a group discussion, when the participants often discover that they know each other in ways that they never did before.

The session is rounded off with participants sitting down together to eat a 'picnic' lunch (each bring their own. Tea and coffee will be provided)

Donations towards the cost of bringing this to Worcester can be made to the treasurer if you are able.

There is a maximum of 28 participants please contact Worcester Meeting to book your place.


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