Quakers Sharing Experience
30th November 2018
9:00- 14:00
Geoffrey Durham and Lea Cowin will facilitate this session which forms part of our More About Friends series.

Donations towards the cost of bringing this to Worcester can be made to the treasurer if you are able.

Bring a picnic lunch to eat after the event.

“Friends, meet together and know one another

in that which is eternal.”

George Fox

Quakers Sharing Experience is a new kind of half-day workshop,

tried and tested in meetings across the UK. It offers us the

opportunity to tell our stories and know our fellow Quakers in

depth – the kind of depth that can help us learn not only about

other people, but about ourselves.

Quakers Sharing Experience helps us to listen to one another.

What do we think? What do we believe? What is important to us?

Facilitated by teams of seasoned Friends, Quakers Sharing

Experience has the potential to bring Quaker communities

together in mutual understanding. It provides opportunities for

sharing, for listening and, above all, for knowing one another in that which is eternal.


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