March at 3 County Defence & Security Expo
17th July 2019
13:45- 16:00
3 Counties Defence & Security Expo 3 Counties Showground, 16/17 July: Mandy Smith & Ade Couper attended a meeting of Malvern Individuals for Peace on Friday, hosted by Melanie & Andrew Jameson at Malvern MH. There was much discussion over how best to protest against this. The plan is that on Wednesday 17th July we will march from Barnards Green to the 3 Counties Showground and base ourselves opposite the main entrance so that those who have been attending will see the protest on their way out.

The current timetable for the day is:
13:45 meet in the centre of Barnards Green (the buses from Worcester stop there, & the railway station is 10 min walk away);
14:00 a short MfW;
14:15 start march;
14:45 (approx): arrive at 3 Counties Showground, set up banners.

The end time is likely to be around 3:45- 4:00. Melanie will be liaising with the police regarding the march.


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