• Welcome to the website of Worcester Quaker Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends, otherwise known as Worcester Quakers.

    We hold Meetings for Worship on Sundays at 10.30am for an hour.

    On Wednesdays at 12.00noon for half an hour after which we share a picnic lunch.

    Both are held in the Meeting House, Sansome Place, Worcester, WR1 1UG.

    All are welcome to join us at our Meetings.

    There is a Children's Meeting on the first Sunday of every month where they can join a children’s class and spend the last quarter of an hour in Meeting.

    Please contact us if you and your children want to attend.

    Rooms in the Meeting House are available for hire by voluntary and other organisations.

    Explore our website to find out more about us. For booking queries ring Peter on 01905 24507 and for further information about the Quaker Meeting use our Contact us box


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    I believe it is of real value to our earthly life to have the next life in mind, because if we shut it out of our thoughts we are starving part of our spiritual nature – we are like children who fail to grow up – none the finer children for that. Not only do we miss much joy in the earthly life if we imagine it to be the whole of our existence, but we arrive on the further shore with no knowledge of the language of the new country where we shall find ourselves unfitted for the larger life of the spirit. George Fox urged Friends to ‘take care of God’s glory’. That is a motto for all spheres known and unknown.

    Joan Mary Fry, 1955

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